About Us

The Simply Fresh Kitchen is a catering company with a mission. We specialize in school lunch catering using only the freshest and most wholesome ingredients. We prepare perfectly balanced meals for young growing minds and bodies.

Our goal is to teach a child good eating habits young and the good habit will last a lifetime. The Simply Fresh Kitchen is owned and operated by Manolo Reyes and Jerrell Powers who between them have over 40 years of experience in the food service business.

We have brought our years of experience together to build something that we are passionate about. Making truly wholesome and fresh meals available to everyone.

We prepare all our meals from scratch. You will not find a can opener in our kitchen. Using the finest ingredients and focusing on local & organic products where possible.

Each of our kids' meals are well thought out and carefully crafted to insure it is well balanced and nutritious. Of course, we make it appealing to young appetites too.

Every day we offer a hot meal that is complete with proteins, vegetables and fruit. Alternative meals are available each day. Sandwiches and salads will always be an option in case our hot entrée is not to the specific liking of any individual.

We offer gluten free and vegetarian options for all our entrees. Special alternative meals will be available to conform to dietary preferences.

The Simply Fresh Kitchen is the complete catering solution for schools. Not only providing lunches but we also offer snacks, special occasion catering and full service catering for any event. We offer individually packaged meals, family style or we can set up a buffet and serve to students. We offer services to accommodate any school.

At The Simply Fresh Kitchen it is our mission to bring good nutrition and good eating habits to kids. We hope to instill a lifelong love of fresh wholesome food to the next generation.